Thursday, 4 February 2010

City Magazine

My friends have just done a huge redesign of CITY Magazine, this great NY-based magazine...

They also happened to feature me in their recent issue. I don't normally put press up here but I reckon this mag is gonna be great.. so go check it out.

And thanks again to magicians David Dunan and Georgina Graham. x


  1. Hi Anna! I absolutely LOVE Prism frames. I would really love to get hold of a pair! I live in Brighton and can't get up to London to buy as have 3 small boys. I know I could take a risk and buy online but I'm not sure which frames would suit me... (favourites are New York but best to try I think!) Will they be available in Brighton any time soon? I tipped my local optician 'Specs', and they're really up for stocking them. Anyway, thought worth dropping you a note. Posted about the beauties on my blog xxx

  2. Hi Alexis!
    thanks for your message, and for the blog post! So glad you like them!
    We don't have any plans for a brighton stockist as of yet but hopefully will in the future.
    You can always order them from us online and send back the ones you don't like. We also offer a free exchange or a complete refund..
    Hope you find some you like!