Friday, 16 October 2009

Alice The Baker

My brilliant friend who runs Alice The Baker - made these mouthwatering mini-cupcakes for the PRISM launch party a couple of weeks ago to go with the colours of the glasses!

Midnight blue cakes - Rafael de Cardenas wearing London in midnight blue
Zebra Horn cakes - Erika Kurihara wearing Paris in zebra horn

Matte Black cakes - Kinga Burza wearing Rio in matte black
Crystal grey cakes - Hywel Davies wearing New York in crystal grey

Some of the other crazy cakes she does look pretty delicious too.
Check out her her spaghetti bolognese cupcakes!


  1. Love them so! Is there a way i could possibly try them on in AMsterdam?
    xo thanks

  2. Hi there, thanks! glad you like them! I'm afraid we don't have a stockist in Amsterdam yet but you can order them online on the website and if you don't like them, return them? Anna